typo3temp/_processed_/csm_klein_01_15ce8ab2a4.jpg 1878 First electric light in Switzerland

Hotel pioneer Johannes Badrutt admires an electric lighting system at the Paris World Exhibition. He is so fascinated by it that he puts a small water turbine into operation the same year in St. Moritz to lighting up the dining room of the Kulm Hotel - the first one in Switzerland.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_Kraftwerk_Massaua_1887_cut_47bf130453.jpg 1887 Construction of the new Kulm plant

Tourists get used to the benefits of electricity. To ensure the power supply during winter, Johannes Badrutt decides to use the flowing water of the river Inn. For this purpose, he builds a new power plant at the exit of the Inn gorge.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_Kraftwerk_Charnaduera_1891_cut_d2b18c18c6.jpg 1891 1891: Establishment of the corporation and construction of Charnadüra plant

Caspar Badrutt, son of Johannes Badrutt, and Alfred Robbi, the mayor of St. Moritz, set up the first corporation for electric lighting - the founding of the first electricity plant in Switzerland. At the same time, construction gets under way for another centre slightly above the Kulm plant, in the Inn gorge.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_klein_07Tram2_6fc1b45c06.jpg 1896 1896: The electric tram

The municipality of St. Moritz decides to build an electric tramway between St. Moritz Dorf and St. Moritz Bad. The tramway is 1,700 metres long and is supplied with DC power from the upper Charnadüra plant.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_klein_10StMoritz3_98c784bdfc.jpg 1913 Establishment of the Elektrizitätswerk St. Moritz

The municipality of St. Moritz exercises its right to repurchase and founds the Elektrizitätswerk St. Moritz on 1 April 1913, as a subsidiary enterprise – a form of organisation that still exists today.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_klein_14Klein_e95679cf6b.jpg 1932 Construction of the Islas power plant

The Elektrizitätswerk St. Moritz builds the new Islas power plant, which has a license covering a period of 60 years. The centre replaces the two existing plants in the Charnadüra gorge.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_klein_16Steiner_1_787f58ee0a.jpg 1947 Increase in electricity production

Construction work for the water reservoir in Lake Sils and Lake Silvaplana increases winter production in 1947/48 from previously 80,000 kWh to 400'000 to 450'000 kWh.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_klein_17_5ff3555919.jpg 1962 Construction of the Islas substation

In response to the rising energy consumption, the Elektrizitätswerk St. Moritz builds the new Islas substation. It begins to operate in 1962, reducing the demand for foreign energy.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_Werkhof_1971_b3460b7ca5.jpg 1971 Construction of the Punt da Piz head office

In order to meet the demand for technical services, St. Moritz Energie inaugurates the new "Punt da Piz" head office, which unites all the infrastructure previously scattered throughout St. Moritz and Celerina under one roof.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_UW-Bad-1974_a92dc133b3.jpg 1974 St. Moritz-Bad substation

In order to meet the growing demand and to guarantee the smooth running of the World Ski Championships, St. Moritz Energie buils a second substation in St. Moritz-Bad with an installed capacity of 20 MVA

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_Timeline_Bu__rogeba__ude_4c63b370b4.jpg 1987 New office building Punt da Piz

On 2 November, the keys are handed over for the new administration building in Punt da Piz, which is attached directly to the operation centre. Finally, the whole operation is under one roof.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_klein_19_Leitzentrale_1d48da1530.jpg 1992 New operating rooms and grid control centre

After two years of preparation, the new grid control centre opens its doors, on 29 February 1992. The centre provides round-the-clock monitoring and, if necessary, remote intervention, even in isolated stations.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_esm8073_485e07807b.jpg 1996 Expansion of the supply area

The Elektrizitätswerk St. Moritz extends its supply area, taking over all plant components of the Bündner Kraftwerke that are located within St. Moritz.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_klein_21Neuislas_5_3d6ba4acc3.jpg 2007 Renovation of the Islas power plant

The Islas power plant is renovated and updated with the latest technology. Three Francis turbines increase the annual production, enabling production of approximately 20 percent of the electricity consumption in St. Moritz and Celerina. Click here for the video.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_stmoritz_energie_timeline_f36dfc3f8f.jpg 2008 Name change to St. Moritz Energie

The Elektrizitätswerk St. Moritz changes its name to St. Moritz Energie. The new company logo underlines its market positioning and regional roots.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_klein_22Ludains_30-8-13_DSC_3058_bc47932676.jpg 2013 Energy network St. Moritz Bad

St. Moritz Energie builds the new energy network St. Moritz Bad. Individual buildings, such as the new indoor swimming pool OVAVERVA, are connected to the district heating system. The heat from Lake St. Moritz and the waste heat from the Ludains Ice Arena serve as energy sources.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_stmoritz_energie_sme_liegenschaft_6572664b88.png 2016 Conversion of the SME property

In 2016 St. Moritz Energie renovates the property on Via Signuria. Two new residential floors with eleven apartments, parts of the administration and customer reception are now more attractive and customer-friendly. Click here for the video.

typo3temp/_processed_/csm_stmoritz_energie_unterwerk_islas_d5b356f61f.jpg 2018 Renewal of the Islas substation

55 years after its construction, St. Moritz Energie has completely renewed the Islas substation. In order to bring it up to date, it was taken off the grid for one and a half years. The official commissioning took place on 26 November 2018. Click here for the video.

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Renewal of the Islas substation.

55 years after its construction, St. Moritz Energie is renewing the Islas substation for 9 million Swiss francs. To bring it up to the state of the art, it was taken off the grid for one and a half years. Commissioning has been carried out November 26th. You will find pictures and more information in the media release or our advertorial.