The St. Moritz Energie Charging System

St. Moritz Energie is a partner of Ost-mobil, the Eastern Swiss network for environmentally compatible mobility.

You can charge and pay for electricity via QR code, or even cheaper as an Ost-mobil customer. Registration is easy and convenient and you get to enjoy numerous advantages, among others:

  • 24/7 Hotline with breakdown service

  • Access to MOVE charging stations

  • Comprehensive charging network in Europe

  • Prepaid account for easy payment

  • Query the pricing information via app or the user portal

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Ost-mobil is a joint solution for energy supply companies in Eastern Switzerland with an ever-growing network of e-charging stations based on the platform MOVE.
Ost-mobil is aimed at all electric car drivers who want to charge their vehicles in Switzerland and abroad. Find, unlock, charge, and pay - everything easily and conveniently with your smartphone.


We would be glad to help you with your questions or take your suggestions. Are you looking for specific information? Please get in touch so we can help you. Contact:

Franco Milani

Head of Procurement, Sales and Marketing
T +41 81 837 59 10