Home charging station

With a home charging station, you can refuel in your own garage or parking space. For a rent from 30 CHF/month, St. Moritz Energie provides you with a home charging station including service.

The advantages of a home charging station at a glance:

  • Possibility to rent a charging station including service

  • Safe charging: A standard household outlet is not designed for high loads over an extended period of time. A home charging station ensures that the charging capacity of your electric car is adapted to the existing installation within your house.

  • Easy and convenient handling: Upon request, you receive a home charging station with a fixed cable - geared to your vehicle. This allows you to always carry the charger cable with you to charge your car while on the road.

  • Contract period: Depending on the offer, the contract term is three to five years. After the expiry, the home charging station can be replaced by a new one upon request.

St. Moritz Energie is also happy to help you if you plan to purchase a home charging station.

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