Photovoltaik Systems

Self-Production and remuneration of electricity

In St. Moritz and Celerina it has never been easier to generate your own electricity from solar panels, a reliable and clean way to use solar power. If you have installed solar modules on your roof, you will require less electricity from the power grid. We suggest to use as much of the solar electricity yourself and feed as little as possible back into the grid. Here you will find tips on how you can use most of this valuable resource for your own needs.

In order to benefit from solar panels on your home, you have the following two options:

A)  Feed the entire production into the grid and sell it to St. Moritz Energie


B)  Consume your own production and feed the surplus back into the grid of St. Moritz Energie.

In addition, the surplus electricity exported to the grid consists of physical power and energy attribute certificates («Herkunftsnachweise», HKN), often also called «Guarantees of Origin», GoO.

Payment for physical power

For the self-produced electricity that you feed into the grid (case A or B), you receive a remuneration from St. Moritz Energie. Please click here to view the remuneration rates for physical power.

Payment for energy attribute certificates (GoO)

With your own photovoltaic system, you not only generate electricity, but also ecological added value that can be freely traded in the form of guarantees of origin (GoO). Self-producers are not obliged to sell the certificates to St. Moritz Energie, but can keep their ecological added value or sell it to another provider. The purchase and remuneration of electrical energy and that of the guarantees of origin are therefore independent of each other. Please click here to view the remuneration rates for GoOs.

The purchase of electricity and HKN requires the conclusion of two separate agreements between the producer and St. Moritz Energie. Would you like to conclude a producer agreement with us for the purchase of electricity or HKN for your system? Then please fill out the following form. We will then contact you.

Application for electricity return delivery

Further incentives

The federal government promotes electricity production from renewable energy sources with the grid surcharge and finances renewable electricity generation plants, such as PV plants, with a one-off payment (EIV). There are one-off payments for small PV systems 2 kW - 100 kW (KLEIV) and one-off payments for large systems 100 kW - 50 MW (GREIV). An application for funding can only be submitted to Pronovo, the federal government's accredited certification body, once the system has been commissioned ( The one-off payment is independent of the issuance of guarantees of origin.


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