Clean Power St. Moritz

Clean Power stands for solar energy from our solar power plants and from private photovoltaic system owners in St. Moritz and Celerina. With Clean Power you receive the "Sun of St. Moritz" regardless of where you live.

How it works

With the purchase of Clean Power St. Moritz you commission us to implement new solar systems. We feed clean electricity into the public grid. It’s up to you to what degree you want to support the implementation of new solar systems. In return, you receive a clean power certificate. And the best part: you do not even have to change their power company.

We report the production of all solar power plants to the national grid provider Swissgrid annually. With a certificate of origin for your electricity this ensures full traceability from production to final consumer.

3 reasons for clean power

  • As yesterday so today – Pioneers from the start
    St. Moritz was the birthplace of winter tourism and electricity distribution. It was here where the first electric arc light in Switzerland was amazingly lit and in the late 19th century, the Grand Hotels have been the driving force for the rapid growth of the power grid within the region. In St. Moritz the combination of tourism and electricity has tradition. True to this philosophy, inspired by the ecological turnaround, we produce solar power adhering to strict landscape conservation and environmental criteria.

  • Ecoprestige – Made in St. Moritz
    Clean Power St. Moritz is far more than just a normal green power product. With the sun logo of St. Moritz on the green power certificate you show your commitment to environmental protection and your love for the Upper Engadine.

  • From of our region - for our environment
    With Clean Power St. Moritz, we commit ourselves to a conscious use of energy without sacrificing comfort. Let’s start into a CO2-neutral future together!

Completed facilities

Due to your commitment St. Moritz Energie was able to implement the following solar systems. 

  • Plant along the Corviglia railway

  • Plant Piz Nair mountain station Corviglia

  • Plant Swisscom Laret

  • Plant Kinderkrippe Salet

  • Plant Oberalpina St. Moritz

  • Plant Via Signuria

  • Plant Forstwerkhof St. Moritz

  • Solar power from various local producers

Act now and place your order

Place your order for your personal stake in the next solar power plant now. We will inform you on a regular basis about the progress of our expansion projects and send you a solar power certificate. You will receive the certificate automatically with your invoice every year. By the way: You can cancel the subscription by the end of the year. Simple and straightforward.

Bestellung Clean Power

Bestellung Clean Power
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