Energy Network

Innovative, environmentally friendly, energy-saving. Thanks to the energy network of St. Moritz Bad, we supply a considerable portion of St. Moritz Bad with heat from renewable sources and in doing so, significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

The "heart" of the whole system is located under the rostrum of the Ludains Ice Arena: A heat pump (currently with 2.4 MW of thermal power) uses the lake as a heat source.

In its final stage, the plant will deliver about the same amount of energy as the existing Islas power station – around 17 GWh per year, half of which will originate from lake heat.

In the past, lake water was used for the Ludains Ice Arena’s open ice field, extracting heat from the ice field and driving it to Lake St. Moritz. The new energy centre integrates itself with the old system: the lost heat from the Ludains Ice Arena is transferred to the St. Moritz-Bad energy network.

The “energy network St. Moritz Bad” project allows us to produce the power supply for St. Moritz more independently and ecologically. Step by step we are approaching the objectives of St. Moritz being Switzerland's highest-energy town. 

Our information brochure can be downloaded in PDF format: