Electricity Production

St. Moritz Energie produces a portion of the required electricity itself. The other portion is purchased from the wholesale market and injected into the distribution network.

We predominantly produce our own electricity in the Islas hydroelectric power plant. This facility utilises the gradient between Lake St. Moritz and Celerina, which has a gross gradient of 51 m.

The power plant features various groups of machines driven by three Francis turbines. The smallest turbine serves as a dosing machine processing the residual water that has been emitted by the power plant after the inner gorge. Seven possible combination variations exist for operation of the plants machinery. As such, almost every water resource can be processed with optimal efficiency.

Hyddraulic parameters

Maximum flow 10,400 l/s
NET height of fall 51 m

Electro-mechanical parameters

  Turbines Generators
Machine-set 1 Francis 750 rpm 0,4 MW
Machine-set 2 Francis 750 rpm 1,2 MW
Machine-set 3 Francis 500 rpm 2.8 MW
Overall performance   4,4 MW
Annual production   approx. 17 GWh

In addition to our own hydroelectric power plant, we build or participate in photovoltaic systems in order to co-develop and promote promising future technologies. The plants have a capacity ranging from 15 kW (Muntanella crèche) to over 100 kW (Oberalpina). As partners in the “Clean Energy St. Moritz/Engadine” energy project, we use the nature-produced, star-certified solar energy from the photovoltaic systems along the route of the Corviglia-Bahn, as well as from the facade of the Piz Nair mountain station.

The following graphic shows electricity production by photovoltaic systems in the years 2009 to 2013.

Since 2013, we have been producing not only electricity, but also environmentally friendly heat through our energy network.