Guided Tours

Electricity is generally depicted as being yellow in colour and coming from an electrical outlet. Not quite. If you would like to learn more about electricity, our guided tour of the plant is exactly what you want.

We offer a look behind the scenes: During our guided tours we demonstrate how we produce electricity. We are happy to answer your questions on the topic of energy. You will find out how we generate electricity from lake water. Or what it takes in order for you to enjoy power in your home.

Energy production in the winter sport metropolis of St. Moritz

No other city or power plant in Switzerland can look back on such a long history of electricity as St. Moritz. The Upper Engadine lakes allow continuous electricity generation. With weir facilities between the lakes, we ensure the supply of water to the power plant.

At the end of Lake St. Moritz, the water flows into a water catchment. From there it flows in a sort of inlet channel of almost 1 km in length to the surge chamber where it is ducted through a 135-metre-long pressure pipeline to the turbine hall. In total, the work water cascades down a descent of 51 metres.

Thanks to the modern electro-mechanical and control equipment, Kraftwerk Islas (Islas power plant), which was thoroughly renovated in 2007 is at the cutting-edge of technology. The power plant is accessible by car and easily accessible by bike and on foot.

Generating heat from nature: energy network St. Moritz Bad

As an energy city, St. Moritz not only talks about energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions - but also acts accordingly. In 2013, St. Moritz Energie started to build a power network in order to provide a large portion of St. Moritz Bad with heat from renewable sources.

With the energy network, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 4,000 tonnes per year. A car with an average emission of 150g CO2 per km would have to circle around the Earth at the equator 450 times (about 27 million kilometres) to emit the same amount of CO2. The equivalent of 150 oil tankers with 25'000 litres each can be saved each year.

St. Moritz Energie organises guided tours to the heat-pump house at Ludains Ice Arena. Interesting insights into this pioneering technology, which collects a portion of the existing heat from Lake St. Moritz and uses it as heating energy, await the participants of our tour.

General information for visits

On weekdays we offer guided tours to the Kraftwerk Islas (Islas power plant) and the energy network in St. Moritz Bad. Please note our conditions for a plant tour:

  • Sightseeing times are from 08:00 – 11:00 and 14:00 – 17:00 respectively.

  • The number of participants per tour is limited to 20 people.

  • Guided tours are suitable for school classes from 7th grade.

  • Appropriate clothing and shoes are required for the industrial plant visits.

The Kraftwerk Islas (Islas power plant), the energy network St. Moritz Bad and the headquarters of St. Moritz Energie are easily accessible by car, by bicycle or on foot.




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